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Eighty six years ago when Wallace James Philp decided to travel to Stellenbosch in his quest to sell motor cars, he did not believe that he would make this town his home let alone, start a motor business which would last 75 years.

The mid-1930s were known as depression years before the war and all he wanted was to have a roof over his family’s heads and bread on their table.

It was not until 1946, after borrowing 100 pounds from his father, that he opened the doors of his first Ford franchise and if he was around today, would be proud that the 75-year milestone of that opening was being celebrated this year.

Now in its third generation, the Selford and Donford Group of businesses continues to run with all the solid family values with which it was started and the morals, integrity, ethics and beliefs remain solidified in the culture of the teams which make the different businesses their home from home.

We are really proud to be able to carry on the traditions of both Wallace James Philp and his son, Donald Wallace Philp and are honoured to celebrate 75 years of existence with this exciting and vibrant organization.

Mark Philp and Leon Potgieter

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