The Donford Group is an independent group of companies in the automotive and related industries with its head office in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

It is a privately-owned and managed business, founded by Wallace James Philp in 1946, which grew to become known as the Selfords Group. Its name change to the Donford Group more recently, is a mere continuation of the rich history of this Group in which the Donford name already featured prominently over many years. 


A household name

For more than 75 years, the Donford Group and its respective business units have become a household name in Stellenbosch, and later also in Paarl, Somerset West and Cape Town. Today the Donford and Selfords Group consists of the following individual, fully-owned business units:

  • Jaguar Land Rover Stellenbosch
  • Donford BMW Stellenbosch & Donford BMW Motorrad Stellenbosch
  • Donford BMW Somerset West
  • Donford BMW Motorrad Cape Town
  • Shell Dorp Street Stellenbosch
  • Shell Stellenbosch Square Stellenbosch
  • Selfords Panel Beaters Stellenbosch 
  • Donford Approved Repair Centre Somerset West

The philosophy

of our business is based on two primary principles – integrity, and a sincere belief in building meaningful relationships with our stakeholders, namely our suppliers and principals, staff, and customers.

For us, the responsibility of such affiliations lies with each individual member of our workforce. To realize this, we select and employ only the finest available human resources in the labour market, and we play an active role in offering guidance to ensure that each employee understands, and is in accordance with, the Donford Group’s manner of conducting business. We furthermore invest heavily in the individuals whom we employ, and offer growth and career opportunities within the Group.

Our approach of being a people-focussed business within our industry has led to the recognition we’ve received for our performance and growth over the years, and for the high standards and consistency of the service we offer.

Until today, the Group retains its original visionary and innovative outlook, entrepreneurial drive and spirit, flexibility to anticipate and adapt to change, and a focused and hands-on approach in terms of service delivery. 

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