Donford BMW Stellenbosch & Donford BMW Motorrad Stellenbosch

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    About the Company


    This business unit – located on the corner of the R44 and Webersvallei Road, Jamestown, Stellenbosch – consists of two entities that go hand in hand:

    • Donford BMW Stellenbosch – a BMW passenger car dealership
    • Donford BMW Motorrad Stellenbosch – a BMW motorcycle dealership


    The business has been representing BMW since 1974 and offers the following services:

    • New BMW passenger car and motorcycle sales
    • BMW passenger car and motorcycle service and repairs
    • BMW passenger car and motorcycle parts and lifestyle accessories
    • Approved used passenger car and motorcycle sales
    • Financial services relating to passenger car and motorcycle sales and insurance


    More information

    Donford BMW Stellenbosch has built up a solid reputation in Stellenbosch and further afield over almost fifty years. The dealership maintains this reputation, and ensures its sustainability, by having a sound relationship with BMW whom they represent, and by directing the business according to proven systems to ensure efficiency and consistent quality in output. To do so, they employ those with the qualities required to fit in with the character of the business, and give them superior training and an opportunity for growth. This is done within a secure job environment where employees are able to reap the rewards of being part of this professional and closely-knit team.


    What it is like to work here

    “It is a powerful experience that goes with an important responsibility to be working at our dealership which is aligned with the BMW marque – one with a proud history of more than 100 years. We therefore train our staff and equip them with the expertise needed to do justice to this stellar brand, and to render superior service to those they deal with. At the same time we ensure we maintain our entrepreneurial spirit which, over the years, has proven to work best for us and which brought us to where we are today. This energy we integrate into everything we do.


    “As an employee you will step into a culture which is defined by high standards and expectations, and a focus on commitment, work ethics, teamwork, and having to take responsibility for your specific role. You will work in an environment where processes are important, and you’ll experience both healthy challenges and gratifying rewards at the same time. You can look forward to personal and mental development and growth, and you will learn to appreciate the difference of working at a world-class dealership such as ours.”

    (Trevor Michael, Dealer Principal – Donford BMW Stellenbosch)