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    Selfords Panel Beaters Stellenbosch is an automotive body repair shop located at 43 Devon Valley Road, Devon Valley, Stellenbosch. It does structural and non-structural repairs on all brands of accident-damaged motor vehicles (trucks and motorcycles excluded) and services the insurance industry, as well as individual customers. The business which was established in 1953, is an associate member of the South African Motor Body Repairers’ Association (SAMBRA) and has approval from the following manufacturers:

    • Jaguar
    • Land Rover
    • Range Rover
    • Toyota
    • Toyota Lexus
    • Volvo
    • Suzuki
    • Ford
    • ChevroletOpel
    • Mazda
    • Mitsubishi
    • Subaru


    More information

    At Selfords Panel Beaters Stellenbosch employees work within a team environment and are expected to show initiative in and have a practical approach towards their task, to take ownership of their work, and never to compromise on standards and the laid down criteria. They can expect to face challenges of a technical nature in their work but, at the same time, will experience the satisfaction of dealing with these issues successfully. Those employed have the opportunity to learn and grow personally, and to give input and contribute towards the success of the business. Above all, they have the benefit of a secure job environment where employees are able to reap the rewards of being part of this well-qualified and efficient team.


    With a performance history and past accomplishments of almost 70 years, Selfords Panel Beaters Stellenbosch has built a good name that stood the test of time in its industry. But, instead of being complacent, the business has chosen to remain out front by, amongst others, making sure its workshops are equipped for the task at hand, and its workforce is best qualified and receive the best support to do the work.


    What it is like to work here

    “Although the nature of our business could be perceived by those on the outside as doing only one job – to repair accident-damaged vehicles – the repair of a vehicle, in fact, consists of a series of tasks in succession, each requiring different skills and qualifications. In this regard we offer a variety of job descriptions and positions in our company, and have quality control measures in place to make sure each individual task is done to perfection. If not up to standard, the quality chain as far as workmanship goes, will be broken.


    “Against this background, when employed by Selfords Panel Beaters Stellenbosch you will have to understand the importance of your role, and to take pride in what you do. You will be working in a pleasant and unpretentious – yet coherent – atmosphere, and you will experience the well-deserved satisfaction when looking at a job well done, one that you as a person and the team as a whole can be proud of.”

    (André Basson, General Manager – Selfords Panel Beaters Stellenbosch)

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