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    An emphasis on training and personal growth

    When recruiting new staff, the Donford Group places special emphasis on appointing those who have the personal qualities and attributes required for each individual position. It, furthermore, places a high premium on staff training and, in a structured manner, gives an opportunity for personal development. This includes manufacturer-specific training at the manufacturers’ facilities, operational training to ensure knowledge and understanding of the workplace, and general coaching to foster close-knit, well-informed and efficient work teams.


    The Group also runs internal leadership programmes to equip team leaders on various levels for their task, and managerial programmes for junior members of staff to prepare them for more senior positions in the future. The group, furthermore, offers comprehensive technical apprenticeship programmes to further skills development and to qualify those who participate according to national and international standards.


    Above all, the ongoing challenge to staff to improve themselves – and having the opportunity to do so – offers both newcomers and those already employed a springboard to ensure they are best qualified for their careers and assets for the Group and its respective business units. Where possible, the Group prefers to advance their staff from within and do so by announcing vacancies in the business internally before advertising to the public in general.




    A dynamic workplace environment

    The strong focus on personal development ensures that the qualifications of, and approach by, all members of staff are aligned with the ethos of the Group, and the requirements that manufacturers have for the business units that represent them. This, together with management playing a supportive and guiding role, creates a dynamic work environment where expertise, self-esteem, job satisfaction and teamwork serve as starting points to offer the level of service expected in the environment in which the Group operates.


    The Group has a system-based approach as far as the task at hand, quality management within the business, and the end result go. To do so, it developed and documented standardized processes for all its activities, based on best practices and proven methodology. This structured method of operation gives guidance to the workforce on how to approach their task, and it ensures consistency in output and the quality of work. A major benefit of this approach is that it shifts management’s focus to ongoing improvement of internal processes and the output of the business as a whole, instead of having to constantly oversee the performance of individual employees.



    Employees work within a team environment where there is a practical approach towards the task and opportunity to show initiative. It is expected of employees to take ownership of their work and adhere to standards and the laid down criteria, act in a principled, fair and honest manner, and show mutual respect towards one another. Team members are, furthermore, given the opportunity to become familiar with the role of others in the business, and are encouraged to learn from and support one another. This is in line with the dealership’s approach to create a team which accepts responsibility for the overall success of the business.


    Employees can expect to face challenges in their work but, at the same time, will experience the satisfaction of dealing with these issues successfully. Those employed have the opportunity to learn and grow personally, and to give input and contribute towards the success of the business. Above all, they have the benefit of a secure job environment where employees are able to reap the rewards of being part of this well-qualified and efficient team.


    Preferred personal attributes 

    Employees with the following personal attributes find they fit in well with the culture of the Donford Group and it respective business units:

    • Integrity
    • Respect for others
    • A service orientation
    • Self-confidence
    • A team player
    • Good communication skills
    • Energetic with a can-do attitude
    • Keen to build relationships and enhance the image of the business