All decisions are guided by the ethos of the group and its set of core values.


With a carefully-managed business development approach over more than 75 years, the Donford and Selfords Group have set a benchmark pertaining to service delivery, quality of service, performance and growth. Although many factors were – and continually are – taken into consideration to achieve this, the essence of the Group’s success is that all decisions are guided by the ethos of the Group and its set of core values. 


With our feet firmly in the service industry, we believe the essence of customer satisfaction lies with each individual customer service provider in our business.

 We therefore – above all else – invest in our people and make sure our workforce is skilled and equipped to do what is expected of them, and that they are happy. Our belief is customers will only start to like our business if our employees like it first.

We expect our staff to give others the benefit of the doubt and to treat them with soft hands. We also challenge them to raise the bar as far as customer service goes. We feel good when we are able to delight the customer … and to continue to do so. In fact, by beating the expectation, we’ve created many a loyal advocate over the years.


We believe we can only be successful if those whom we rely on are successful, if they know who we are and if they believe in us.

We therefore consciously focus on building lasting relationships with our stakeholders, namely our suppliers and principals, staff, and customers.

Solid old-school values

We believe in and still practice the values our business was built on way back when deals were done on the strength of a handshake.

We do business with honesty and integrity. We build a culture in which dignity, sensitivity towards others and responsiveness to the needs and expectations of our team members and customers play a primary role.

We cultivate inspired, in-touch leadership and empower our staff to show initiative, to solve problems and to offer customer-driven excellence … and we ensure our service delivery systems are geared to support them to do so.


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