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With a carefully-managed business development approach over more than 75 years, the Donford Group has set a benchmark pertaining to service delivery, quality of service, performance and growth. Although many factors were – and continually are – taken into consideration to achieve this, the essence of the Group’s success is that all decisions are guided by the ethos of the Group and its set of core values.

Shell Stellenbosch Square

What it's like to work here

“Shell Dorp Street and Shell Stellenbosch Square have managed to position themselves as preferred employers for a number of good reasons – we are genuinely interested in and take proper care of our workforce, we have functional communication channels and we listen to one another, and we empower our employees to be able to grow within the organisation.

“As an employee you will be working in a demanding work environment, but we will equip you to rise to the challenge and deal with it in a professional manner. You will experience personal growth and be part of a team you can rely on and a business you will be proud of.”

(Irshaad Gaffoor, General Manager – Shell Dorp Street and Shell Stellenbosch Square)

More Information

Shell Dorp Street and Shell Stellenbosch Square are proud to be associated with two strong brands – Shell as a global brand and the Donford Group with its strong local heritage. This alignment already gives them a head start and differentiates them from others in the same industry.
The businesses place special emphasis on appointing those who have the personal qualities and attributes required for positions. They, furthermore, give particular attention to training and empowering their employees to be able to fulfil their respective roles. This includes, amongst others, tuition that relate to the business’s operating systems, workplace safety, an understanding of customer requirements, and how to offer standards of service that exceed expectations. Senior members of staff and in-house supervisors take new employees under their wing for further coaching, and to bring them on board via a business-specific induction process.
It is expected of employees to take ownership of what they do, approach customers in a professional manner, communicate well, and show mutual respect. At the same time the wellbeing of employees is of utmost importance, and measures are in place to ensure work satisfaction and overall work enjoyment. In this regard management regularly consults with staff to remain in touch, and to give and receive feedback on aspects of importance for the workforce and the business as a whole.
Each employee works a total of 195 hours per month (4 x 12-hour shifts per week) with three days per week off to rest.

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